Between July 14th and 15th, 2023, at Lake Stara Morawa, our foundation organized the first charity and free awareness festival in Poland! During these days, in the beautiful natural surroundings, we delved into the world of music, workshops, and lectures together with others! 

The Sounds off Veritas Festival is a two-day event that bridges various musical styles, knowledge, and experiences worth sharing in our daily lives. Celebrating life, being present here and now, unity with nature and fellow humans, and discovering our place in the universe are some of the important goals guiding our initiative. It’s a festival full of inspiration and different perspectives. 

On the music stage, artists like Hang Massive, Maok, Suduaya, Joaquin Cornejo, Niburu Project, Gaja, Sam Alty Trio, Między Nami (feat. Kim Jestem), Łukasz Dębiński and Filip Filipiuk, and Etnochowa (drums&trans) performed. 

Among the speakers, we had the opportunity to listen to Mateusz Kozłowski from the Conscious Parenting Foundation, Monika Podsiadła talking about permaculture gardens, Olga Grech from the Center for Nutritional Counseling discussing mitochondrial nutrition and how to heal from chronic diseases. Quantum Planet presented on heart coherence, Sonia Ross gave a lecture on Total Biology, and Aleksandra Świstow, the author of the Pojechana travel blog, talked about “It’s Us Who Are Strangers, Not the Countries.” 

In the workshop zone, various activities took place, including meetings on wild cuisine, breathing workshops using the Buteyko Method, Kundalini Yoga sessions, ethnic drum workshops, and an art workshop called “Express Your Self.” 

The festival was designed to be a family event, so we also took care of the youngest attendees. Among the trees, we created a special area for children where they could participate in games and activities with an ecological theme under the banner of the Green Gaya Foundation. They could also try their hand at walking on a tightrope and juggling with Janek Spławski, create Native American jewelry with Agata Pajtasz, and unleash their artistic talents with Sylwia Konieczna from “Sztuka w drodze” (Art on the Way).At the exhibitor’s area, we hosted various local businesses and organizations, such as Hemp & Poppy Tea Room, Wapiennik, Ziołowe Siedlisko, Herba Sfero, Okakao, Sztuka w drodze, Festiwal Kolorów, and Dotyk Słońca. 

One of the key aspects of the festival was its charitable nature. During the event, we conducted a fundraising campaign for one of the foundation’s projects, which supports young people interested in music but facing financial difficulties. Thanks to the support of participants and co-organizers, we were able to raise an amount that will allow us to continue this project and contribute to the development of young people. 

The organization of the festival would not have been possible without the support of our sponsor, the 4żywioły center, and our partners, Stronie Śląskie Commune, the Center for Education, Tourism, and Culture in Stronie Śląskie (CETiK), and the Stroński Park Aktywności.