Report from the ShataQS and Łukasz Dembiński – Handpans & Drums Concert

On April 28, 2023, at 5:00 PM, a special concert took place at the Veritas Foundation’s headquarters in Wrocław. The evening’s main star was ShataQS, with support from Łukasz Dembiński – Handpans & Drums. 

At the beginning of the musical gathering, the audience had the opportunity to listen to Łukasz Dembiński, who, with the help of the handpan, took us on an extraordinary journey through sounds. His performance was full of emotions and left an impression on those gathered. 

Next, ShataQS took the stage, not only singing but also sharing stories from her life and the path she had to take to reach the place she is in now. 

The combination of music and the life stories of the performers earned the admiration of the audience, who were moved by their stories. 

During ShataQS’s performance, Łukasz Dembiński spontaneously joined the artist, adding to the brilliance of the concert. The audience rewarded them with a standing ovation, showing their full appreciation for the artists. 

The event was attended by young people participating in the “Sounds Off Veritas” music project and the developmental project “ZAJAWKA NA ŻYCIE.” For our beneficiaries, this was an opportunity to listen to valuable live music, meet and converse with the artists, integrate with the group, and experience something exceptional that will stay in their memories for a long time. 

In summary, the concert of ShataQS and Łukasz Dembiński was an extraordinary event, filled with emotions, beautiful music, and inspiring stories. 

The concert was organized by the Veritas Foundation, created by people for people, where we support individuals on their journey to understanding themselves: their thoughts, needs, feelings, and potential. More about the Foundation’s activities can be found at this link: