The Veritas Foundation announces the first concert from the “Sounds Off Veritas” series.

On April 28th, a closed concert will take place at the Veritas Foundation’s premises as part of the “Sounds Off Veritas” project. This event will inaugurate a series of concerts, with all proceeds from ticket sales going towards covering the costs associated with organizing music workshops for young people. 

During the event, the exceptional artist ShataQS will perform and showcase her songs. ShataQS is a vocalist known for her originality and depth of expression. She delivers music in 432 Hz tuning, allowing listeners to relax and experience inner peace. Her lyrics touch upon difficult life experiences while offering hope for a better tomorrow. ShataQS has gained the audience’s recognition thanks to her unique style and personality. 

As support, Łukasz Dembiński will take the stage with a solo performance on the handpan. He is an artist who has fascinated audiences for many years with his music and creates unique sounds on this extraordinary instrument. His performance will provide the audience with a moment of relaxation and an opportunity to momentarily detach from reality. 

The concert will also feature participants from the “Sounds Off Veritas” music workshops who have been developing their musical skills during the workshops. For them, it’s a unique opportunity to experience Artists they share a common passion with live. 

In addition to them, young people participating in the “Zajawka na Życie” project, which aims to support and empower youth in defining their life paths, will also be present at the concert. 

The first concert will honor the two months of work by the young people from both projects. Subsequent concerts will provide an opportunity to establish a natural connection between the beneficiaries, Artists, and the audience. Stay tuned to the social media channels of Sounds Off Veritas and the Veritas Foundation for updates.