The Veritas Foundation is delighted to announce the second musical event in the “Sounds Off Veritas” series.

This time, we will gather for an open-air concert scheduled for June 23, 2023, at 6:00 PM. The event will take place at the Veritas Foundation’s headquarters, located at 23A Skarbowców Street, in a green area by the picturesque pond. 

The star of the evening will be the exceptional GAJA band, which has infused deep ecological spirit into their music. Their music, radiating the beauty of nature, combines elements of folk and roots ballads, creating a unique sound. Marta Zinserling, a talented vocalist and lyricist, conveys her message about protecting planet Earth through the harmony of sounds. The band’s lineup is complemented by Piotrek Gil, Norbullo Kontrabacz, and Dawid Wyczółkowski, who bring energy and passion to every song. 

After the main concert, Motorboats, a solo music project founded by Kamil Maciasowicz, will present their creativity. Their music, focusing on catchy melodies and personal lyrics, moves listeners and inspires reflection on their own experiences. The musician participates in the “Sounds Off Veritas” project as a workshop leader for young people. 

Admission to the concert is completely free, and we invite all music enthusiasts to enjoy a pleasant evening in the open air. It will be a unique opportunity to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of a musical celebration. 

During the concert, a charity collection will also be conducted to support the “Sounds Off Veritas” music workshops for young people. Thanks to this initiative, young and talented individuals will have the opportunity to develop their musical skills and express themselves through the art of sound. 

We cordially invite all music lovers to join us for an unforgettable evening filled with emotions and beautiful sounds. Come in large numbers and have a great time with us at the Veritas Foundation’s open-air concert! 

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