The Wrocław-based Veritas Foundation presents its unique music program called “Sounds Off Veritas,” which kicked off on March 6th!

 “Sounds Off Veritas” is a music project aimed at young people interested in music and its production, but whose circumstances prevent them from pursuing their passion. 

Through organized workshops, young participants will have the opportunity to get to know the process of creating music from scratch. The workshops, conducted by industry mentors, will be organized in small groups so that each participant has a real chance to catch the music bug. 

In addition to technical music skills, participants in the project can enhance their creativity, learn to work in teams, and develop soft skills such as self-improvement, fostering a positive atmosphere, and effective communication within a group. The workshops are a space where young people can (but don’t have to) discover their “thing” while getting to know themselves better. 

“Sounds Off Veritas” provides a safe space for young people to express themselves without fearing judgment from others. The goal is for the workshops to serve as a way for youth to take a break from their daily routines and a place to explore and develop their talents. 

The first edition of “Sounds Off Veritas,” held at Siemacha Spot Magnolia in the Magnolia Park Shopping Center at 58 Legnicka Street in Wrocław, started on March 6th and will run until June 30th. The offered activities for our participants include vocal and movement workshops as well as music creation workshops from scratch. 

The workshops are led by artists associated with the Wrocław music scene: 

Olia – Aleksandra Andrzejewska: Olia is a 25-year-old vocalist, actress, composer, and lyricist. She has collaborated with the Capitol Music Theatre and began her music career in 2020 by releasing her first original songs. A year later, she started working with the KAYAX record label and released the single “Lato” as part of the “My Name Is New” project. In December 2022, her debut mini-album “Mija mi” was released under the pseudonym OLIA. She writes her song lyrics, composes music, and directs music videos. 

Motorboats – Kamil Maciasowicz: Motorboats is a solo music project based in Wrocław, founded by Kamil Maciasowicz. His music focuses on catchy melodic lines and lyrics based on his own experiences, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own. 

“Sounds Off Veritas” also includes a series of intimate concerts organized at the Veritas Foundation’s premises. By purchasing a ticket for a concert or access to online streaming, you have a real impact on helping young people. All proceeds from ticket sales will be used to cover the costs associated with organizing workshops for youth. The first concert announcement is coming soon! 

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