Workshops in Wrocław

Vocal and movement workshops

During our vocal and movement workshops, young people learn to explore their voices and discover their bodies as artistic instruments. Our workshops combine technical vocal aspects with elements of movement, creating a rich and exciting musical experience.

Here are some of the elements covered in our workshops to support and develop both vocal and emotional skills:

Interval technical exercises: Participants discover how to control their sound and improve intonation, allowing their voices to harmonize beautifully.
Breath workshops: We teach various breathing techniques to help participants develop breath awareness, improve efficiency, and fully utilize it while singing.
Stress management: Participants learn effective stress management techniques such as relaxation, concentration, and mindfulness. These techniques help reduce tension and improve confidence on stage.
Voice awareness: Through special exercises and exploring different sounds and registers, we help young people develop vocal awareness, enabling them to express themselves fully.
Movement improvisation: In our workshops, participants have the opportunity to explore movement improvisation as a way to express emotions and interpret music.
Emotion management techniques:We also focus on coaching techniques for managing emotions. Young people learn to manage stage fright, focus on the positive aspects, and express their emotions in a controlled manner.

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During music production workshops, young people have the opportunity to delve into the art of creating their own music and discover their potential as composers or lyricists. Our workshops combine the technical aspects of music production with the ability to create valuable material.

During the workshops, we focus on various areas to help young people develop their musical and creative skills. Here are some of the elements covered in our sessions:

Basics of Production: We provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of music production. Participants learn how to operate music production software and equipment, explore recording techniques, mixing, and mastering. They discover various sound tools and effects that help achieve a professional sound.
Songwriting and Lyrics: In our workshops, young people have the opportunity to delve into the art of songwriting and lyric writing. They explore various creative and structural techniques to create original and impactful pieces. We explore the themes of melody creation, harmony, and ways to craft lyrics that convey emotions and messages.
Creating Valuable Material: We aim to create music that holds value and resonates with listeners. We teach our young participants how to create music that is authentic, original, and unique. We experiment with different music genres and styles to develop the participants' own artistic voice.

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Vocal and movement workshops:

  • Monday
  • 17:00-19:00

Music production:

  • Friday
  • 17:00-19:00


  • Siemacha Spot Magnolia ul. Legnicka 58 54-204 Wrocław